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New for the Utopia edition

Created with numerous partners in the region, the Caps are festive trails that offer the public the opportunity to discover artists (musicians, actors, visual artists) as well as to explore places, in the countryside, in a forest, on a beach, in a park, in a neighbourhood…

First, there is the objective of setting off in a group and along the route discovering an itinerary through a little‑known or unknown landscape. Second, and above all, there is the pleasure of being surprised by the artistic proposals scattered along this route, for a weekend or for the whole of the Cap, by accompanying the spectator‑trekkers from one end of the trail to the other.

These Caps could give rise to experiments for links between cities and the countryside or the coast, allowing residents, and in particular families, to discover remarkable sites and to be transported by the nature that surrounds them.

To elaborate them, we can imagine combining several ideas featured in Utopia’s programming: the huts, the bioluminescent night, participatory projects for children, nature awareness, musical projects, visual arts or landscape installations, performances, etc.

In preparation, starting this autumn, these Caps will give rise to workshops (supervised by the artists) for children (and their parents) with schools, neighbourhood structures and associations, which will create opportunities to collectively construct events or attractions in a neighbourhood, a town or village.

FEATURING : Accro Lille, L’Aéronef, LES Ajoncs, Art point M, Artimuse, Attacafa, LE BALLET DU NORD, CABB –  Comité d’animation des Bois-Blancs, Canoë Club Lillois, Collectif Toporama, Comala Radio, Compagnie Detournoyment, Compagnie Natalie Pernette, Compagnie On Off, Conservatoire de musique de Lille, Couvent Des Dominicains, Déco AMZ, LES Écoles de musique de Lille, LES Fenêtres qui parlent, Gilles Defacque, In illo Tempore, L’Institut pour la photographie, LE Jardin électronique, L’Espace Pignon, L’Opéra de Lille, ATELIER Galerie Bleu, Latitudes Contemporaines, Le 188, Le Flow, Le Grand Bleu, Le Grand Sud, Le Prato, Le Théâtre du Nord, LA COMPAGNIE DU Tire-Laine, LA LICORNE, Lille Athlétisme Club, Magali Dulain, Mange, Lille !, Métalu A Chahuter, Moogli, NATURE EN VILLE, l’Orchestre national de lille, PRISE DIRECTE, Sciences-Po Lille, Thomas Ferrand, LE Transport Culturel Fluvial, WAAO – Centre d’architecture et d’urbanisme, flonflons – Wazemmes l’Accordéon ET LES MAIRIES DE QUARTIER : MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DE BOIS-BLANCS, MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DE FIVES, MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DE FAUBOURG DE BÉTHUNE, MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DE LILLE-CENTRE, MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DE LILLE-MOULINS, MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DE LILLE-SUD, MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DE SAINT-MAURICE PELLEVOISIN, MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DE VAUBAN-ESQUERMES, MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DU VIEUX-LILLE, MAIRIE DE QUARTIER DE WAZEMMES…