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In the heart of Lille, nature and culture cross paths along the 4 Cap trails, i.e. 4 universes to be discovered, each with its own distinct identity.  

Utopia in the neighbourhoods with the Cap trail “Autour des Remparts” (around the ramparts) invites us to rediscover Lille’s 10 districts through a festive, artistic and sometimes surprising walks. 

The three other Cap trails let you explore the city’s different atmospheres, with a vegetation ambiance at the Citadel, mineral and docks along the Deûle at Bois- Blancs, and an urban ambiance in the city centre’s parks and museums. 

Groups of performance artists invite you to take your place within a rich and abundant ecosystem during the course of these four secret adventures.  

The programme included: artistic installations and remarkable works of art, live shows, social events, outdoor treasure hunts, participative workshops, etc.  

Be surprised with dance, music, karaoke as well as giant picnics, a silent party, sports and well-being activities, and other great surprises.