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Coined by the English writer Thomas More, “Utopia” is a Greek neologism which usually refers to a non-existent or unattainable ideal. 

At a time of climate change and environmental challenges, Utopia will explore the ties linking humankind and the living world.  

Rather than perpetuating today’s anthropocentric worldview, Utopia will propose visions from artists, inventors, designers and scientists who question the hierarchy between people and nature. The programme also includes architectural utopias, innovations relating to nature and the folklore of the forest. 

As is the case for every major event of this kind, Utopia seeks to reach local residents, even as they go about their daily lives, with ambitious projects, exhibitions, urban transformations, live shows, original events and conferences, etc. 

Jean Francois Fourtou © maxime dufour photographies

À propos lille3000

Lille was European Capital of Culture in 2004. This extraordinary event had a lasting impact on the city, the region and its cultural dynamism. Since 2006, lille3000 has continued the work begun in 2004 through ambitious programmes of themed events. Following on from the Bombaysers de Lille (2006), Europe XXL (2009), Fantastic (2012), Renaissance (2015) and Eldorado (2019), the 6th themed lille3000 event, Utopia, will be held between 14 May and 2 October 2022 in European Metropolis of Lille, the Eurometropolis and Hauts-de‑France Region.