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On the occasion of the opening festival, there will be a major mobilisation of local energies, in close collaboration with community associations in Lille and the metropolitan area.

For several months prior to the opening, preparatory workshops, casting calls, rehearsals, etc. will be organised in numerous emblematic locations (the Gare Saint Sauveur, the Grand Sud, etc.) to ensure the largest possible public participation in the opening festival on 14 May 2022.

The workshop programme includes the creation of totems, hats, costumes and banners to dress the participants of the parade and the public. There will also be workshops to introduce people to ethical fashion (crochet techniques, sewing and the reuse of plastic materials, etc.).

Tom Van der Borght 

Tom Van der Borght is a Belgian designer with a pop aesthetic whose trademark is extreme upcycling.

He recently received a double award at the 2020 Hyères Festival dedicated to fashion, photography and accessories.

In January 2021, he exhibited his work at Berlin Fashion Week and he will join the official Paris Haute Couture fashion show calendar in 2022, at the request of the French Couture Federation.

Art Point M – Fanny Bouyagui

Founded thanks to the creative energy of the artist Fanny Bouyagui, Art Point M now has seven members, including the four founders. It promotes an offbeat urban culture tapping into the major underground currents of the 90s and the blending of cultures.