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As is the case for each major lille3000 event, original proposals give everyone the opportunity to take an active role in designing or producing events. In 2019, over 60 music groups were involved in performing pieces of music composed specially for Eldorado. They offered up concerts and festive moments throughout the Hauts-de-France region, based on the musical tale of Machu Picchu and the Eldorado & Mexicana pieces.  

In 2022, three new pieces of original music (La Cité des Dodos, Utopia et Uphony) have been written for Utopia by composers from the local region. They have been offered to musical ensembles and schools in the metropolitan area and region. 220 organisations have signed up for these participatory musical projects. 80 bands have been rehearsing pieces for concert bands. 70 musical storytelling projects have been initiated, bringing together 200 participants. In total, over 34,000 musical scores have been distributed.

With : la CMF Hauts-de-France et Somme (Confédération Musicale de France), la Fédération Hauts-de-France de l’UFF (Union des Fanfares de France), la FRSM Hauts-de-France (Fédération régionale des sociétés musicales), Les partenaires de l’Éducation Nationale (l’Académie de Lille et L’Académie d’Amiens), l’association Vocali et l’ensemble des structures inscrites au projet Musiques Utopia.

La Cité des Dodos

Musical tale
Composer : Eric Bourdet

Lyrics : Sébastien Gaudefroy

Designed with several different levels of difficulty to open it up to the widest possible audience, this musical tale unites musicians around a project focusing on the cross-disciplinary nature of the arts.  

Bringing together a choir of children and/or adults and an orchestral ensemble (conservatory, music school, amateur concert band, etc.), it is intended to be a collaboration with one or more schools, with the children taking on the singing, narrating or acting roles or by involving school orchestras. The music plays with different styles and moods for a journey into Utopia and an ode to nature. 


Concert piece
Composer : Jérémie Dufort

Utopia, for concert bands, pays tribute to the visionary architects and dreamers who aim to overturn established conventions in order to defend ideals and condemn the abuses of their time. To illustrate universality and the concept of equality, the piece favours a modal language as well as harmonic progressions that are somewhat removed from the tonal hierarchies to which we are accustomed. Jérémie Dufort uses contemporary playing styles and acoustic spatialisation to situate this composition in a fantasy universe, worthy of a science-fiction soundtrack


Concert piece
Composer : Jérémie Dufort


is meant to be performed by one or more concert bands, whether static or in motion. The orchestral ensemble may be divided into three groups: EARTH, WATER AND FIRE.  

Uphony is a musical utopia, loosely based on Hector Berlioz’ musical city, Euphonia. Each group of instruments and each musician within this group is of crucial importance. Their coming together is a natural metaphor for the cultural mix, that is the foundation stone of a society which is living in harmony. Uphony may also be performed in concert by a single concert band.